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Hank Jr.'s New Song jonwatkins | Mornings and Afternoons
10/11/2011 | Filed In: Hank Jr

Hank Jr.'s New Song

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A lot of calls this morning about Hank Jr. being pulled from ESPN. Both sides are very passionate! If you're a fan, and want his new song for free, Hank is offering "Keep the Change" for free up on his website. Here's the link.


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Nmbr1parents on 10/11/2011 @ 10:55 AM wrote:

I know people are upset that the Dixie Chicks lost their career over dissing our president, and then having numerous people support Hank Williams Jr his comments as well. Well there is one HUGE difference, and that is that Hank Williams did it ON US SOIL. The Dixie Chicks on the other hand, had the nerve to do it OFF US soil in London. The Dixie chicks used to be one of my favorite bands, but I no longer support them. If they would have said it on our turf, that is one thing, but they chose to disgrace the US in my opinion. I do not feel sorry for them losing their career. Plain and simple.


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