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08/17/2012 | Filed In: Taylor Swift | Crocs

Taylor Swift's Drunk Boyfriend

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Remember when you were little and made up lies to try to get our of trouble? Welcome to 51-year-old Crocs' co-founder, George Boedecker's life; because he still seems to think he's a lying child in trouble with his parents.

Boedecker was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving when he was found passed out in his Porsche in Boulder, Colo. recently. When police woke him up to question him, the CEO tried to pin the blame on none other than his 'girlfriend' Taylor Swift. Wait, what?!

The police report notes that Boedecker said that his 'girlfriend' Taylor Swift was in the driver's seat of his car, but ran off when the two had a fight. When an officer asked where she went, the Crocs co-founder pointed to a random yard and said "Nashville." I'm cracking up! Really?! What I would have paid to see that in person ... Of course, the police officer wasn't buying that story and Boedecker continued to get more frustrated at the police for not believing his lies. Eventually the CEO was thrown behind bars for using some seriously foul language with the arresting officers.

Do you know of any crazy arrest stories like this one? Sound off in the comments below!


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